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The Career Spread

The Career Spread is a five-card Tarot spread designed to provide comprehensive insights into a person’s professional life, career path, and work-related challenges. Here’s how the spread works:

  1. Card 1: The Current Situation: The first card represents the current state of the person’s career, providing an overview of their job, work environment, or overall career path. This card helps set the context for the spread, offering insights into where the querent stands professionally.
  2. Card 2: Strengths: The second card highlights the person’s strengths and talents, offering insight into their unique skills and abilities that can be leveraged to advance their career. This card helps identify areas where the person excels and can build upon to achieve professional goals.
  3. Card 3: Challenges: The third card reflects the person’s challenges or obstacles, revealing barriers that are preventing them from achieving their career goals. This card provides a deeper understanding of potential hurdles or setbacks, guiding the person on how to navigate or overcome them.
  4. Card 4: Advice: The fourth card offers guidance or advice, providing insights into the steps needed to overcome challenges and achieve success. This card helps direct the person’s actions, suggesting factors to consider or approaches to adopt for advancing their career.
  5. Card 5: Outcome: The fifth card indicates the potential outcome of the person’s career, based on current trends and influences. This card offers a glimpse into the longer-term trajectory of the person’s professional journey, showing how their actions and choices may lead to success or failure.

How to Use the Spread:

  • Layout: Arrange the five cards in a linear or cross pattern. You can interpret them individually, or together as a narrative, offering a comprehensive view of the person’s professional journey.
  • Interpretation: Begin by reflecting on the current situation, then explore the strengths, challenges, advice, and outcome. Consider how each card relates to the person’s overall career path, providing balanced insights.
  • Holistic View: Finally, view the spread as a whole, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how strengths, challenges, and outcomes interplay, guiding the person to navigate their career more effectively.

The Career Spread offers a balanced approach to understanding one’s professional journey, from identifying strengths and navigating challenges to achieving success. By considering each card’s position and meaning, this spread helps guide informed decisions for advancing in the professional world.