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Understanding the Ocult

The Science of Magick

A Learning Center for Witches, Druids, Shamans, Oracles, and Alchemists.

The Scriptorium

Your Ultimate Free Resource Library for Everything Mystical, Esoteric, and Beyond.
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Mystic Messengers

Your Source for Tarot, Horoscope, Dream Interpretation, and Custom Spell Design.
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Mystic Mentors

Discover the Secrets of Magic and the Occult through Our Lessons and Events.
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The Magick Shoppe

Unlock the Power of Your Craft with Our Magickal Wares
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Read the Codex

A Collection of Ancient Texts and Modern Writings

The Codex unearths the secrets of the ages, weaving together ancient texts and modern writings to form a tapestry of timeless wisdom and enigmatic knowledge.

Love Potion Series

A Year of Love Potions

Each month, we will introduce a new love potion inspired by the changing seasons, celestial events, and timeless legends.

Magick Ink Series

Crafting Enchanted Inks for Spells & Rituals

Explore our collection of Magick Ink Recipes, specially crafted to enhance your spells, rituals, and magical workings. Each ink is designed with unique ingredients and intentions to amplify your magical practice.

Magick Crystal Series

Unlocking the Mysteries of Healing Stones

This series delves into the rich history, metaphysical properties, and practical uses of various crystals, offering readers insights and guidance on how to harness their powerful energies for spiritual growth, emotional healing, and everyday well-being.

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Visit The Zodiac Oracle

Charting the Stars & Planets to Unlock Your Destiny

Discover your cosmic blueprint with The Zodiac Oracle, where the stars and planets align to unveil the mysteries of your destiny and guide you on a path towards self-discovery and personal growth.

Visit the Tarot Witch

Unlock Your Fate's Mysteries

Embark on a journey with the Tarot Witch, as she skillfully unravels the enigmatic threads of your fate, illuminating the path towards self-understanding and unveiling the hidden secrets of your destiny.

Visit The Dream Alchemist

Unveil the Hidden Truths of Your Dreams and Visions

Step into the realm of the Dream Alchemist, where the veiled truths of your dreams and visions are unveiled, providing a deeper understanding of your inner self and unlocking the gateway to your subconscious wisdom.

Learn from the Mystic Mentor

Journey into the Mystic with Magick Mojo Events

Embark on an enlightening adventure with the Mystic Mentor, as Magick Mojo Events transport you into the realm of the mystic, guiding your exploration of the unseen and empowering your spiritual growth through transformative experiences.

The Magick Mojo Shoppe

Enchanting Your Path with the Power of Magick

Enter the Magick Mojo Shoppe, where you'll find enchanting tools and treasures designed to infuse your path with the power of magick, elevating your spiritual journey and awakening the mystical potential within.

The Magical Power Behind The Magick Mojo

The Counsel of Three

Meet The Counsel of Three - the magic-makers behind The Magick Mojo: These three masterful practitioners are united in their devotion to the mystical arts and are the driving force behind our online learning center.

Portrait of handsome man with beard

Cedric Fallon

The Alchemist

As the founder and CEO of The Magick Mojo, Cedric Fallon is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community for practitioners and enthusiasts of the occult.

portrait of young african woman looking camera

Winter Adalyn

Shamanic Priestess

The Winter Adalyn way is all about embracing the mystery and magic of the universe, and using our creativity and intuition to forge a new path forward. So join her on this journey of self-discovery, and unlock the limitless potential within you.

Portrait of a woman in a shawl

Aurora Iliana

The Oracle

We’re looking for a Director of Marketing with a passion for the occult and a track record of developing and executing successful marketing strategies.


Unlock the Mysteries of Magick

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