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The Planetary Spread

The Planetary Tarot Spread is a seven-card spread designed to provide comprehensive insights into different aspects of your life, each corresponding to one of the seven traditional planets in astrology. Here’s a breakdown of how the spread works:

  1. The Sun: This card reflects your personal power, vitality, and creative energy. It offers insight into how you are currently expressing your life force and how you can harness your full potential.
  2. The Moon: This card delves into your emotions, intuition, and inner world. It provides insight into your unconscious desires, fears, and needs, helping you navigate your emotional landscape and connect with your inner self.
  3. Mercury: This card represents communication, intellect, and how you process information. It offers insight into how you communicate with others, your thought patterns, and how you can improve mental clarity and focus.
  4. Venus: This card symbolizes love, beauty, and pleasure. It provides insight into your relationships, desires, and values, guiding you on how to cultivate harmony and balance in your life.
  5. Mars: This card reflects passion, action, and courage. It offers insight into your ambitions, goals, and personal drive, helping you harness your energy to achieve your objectives.
  6. Jupiter: This card represents expansion, growth, and abundance. It provides insight into your opportunities for growth, learning, and prosperity, encouraging you to cultivate a positive mindset and outlook.
  7. Saturn: This card symbolizes discipline, responsibility, and maturity. It offers insight into your challenges, limitations, and the lessons you need to learn, guiding you towards achieving your goals and reaching your full potential.

The cards are usually laid out in a linear or circular pattern, representing a holistic view of the individual’s life. Each card offers guidance on different aspects, helping the querent understand their current situation, make informed decisions, and navigate life’s journey with greater clarity. The Planetary Tarot Spread connects each area of life to its corresponding celestial energy, providing a comprehensive and balanced perspective.