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The Timeline Spread

The Timeline Spread is a three-card Tarot spread designed to provide a clear view of the past, present, and future aspects of a person’s life or a specific situation. Here’s how the spread works:

  1. Card 1: The Past: This card represents past influences or events that have shaped the current situation. It offers insight into how past actions, decisions, or experiences have contributed to where you are now, providing context for the present.
  2. Card 2: The Present: This card reflects the current state of affairs, offering insight into what’s happening now and how it relates to both past influences and potential future outcomes. It provides a snapshot of the current moment, helping to frame the context of the overall situation.
  3. Card 3: The Future: This card indicates the potential future outcome of the situation, based on current trends and influences. It offers a glimpse into how the situation may develop, providing guidance on potential actions to take or opportunities to pursue.

How to Use the Spread:

  • Layout: Arrange the three cards in a linear fashion, representing a chronological timeline from past to future.
  • Interpretation: Begin by reflecting on each card individually, starting with the past, then moving to the present and future. Consider how each card relates to its position and how it connects to the situation as a whole.
  • Holistic View: Finally, view the spread in its entirety, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how past, present, and future aspects interact, shaping the overall trajectory.

The Timeline Spread provides a balanced approach to navigating specific situations or life events, offering a straightforward chronological view of past, present, and future influences. By considering each card’s position and meaning, this spread offers a comprehensive guide for understanding how situations develop over time and how to make informed decisions moving forward.