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Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation

Apr 11, 2023

On April 11th, 2023, Mercury will reach its greatest eastern elongation, which means it will be at its farthest point from the Sun when viewed from Earth. This will make it an ideal time to observe the planet, as it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the evening sky.

To view Mercury, you can look low in the western sky just after sunset, as it will appear as a bright point of light. It’s important to note that Mercury is often difficult to spot due to its proximity to the Sun, so clear and unobstructed views of the western horizon will be necessary. It’s also a good idea to use binoculars or a telescope to get a closer look at the planet and its features.

The planet Mercury is associated with communication, learning, intelligence, and travel. It is often seen as a messenger planet, governing the exchange of information and ideas. Here are a few examples of magic and rituals associated with the planet Mercury:

  1. Spellwork for Communication: Mercury is associated with communication, so spellwork that involves speaking, writing, or sending messages can be particularly effective when done during Mercury retrograde or when Mercury is in a prominent position in the sky.
  2. Learning and Study: Mercury is also associated with learning, so rituals and spells that focus on increasing knowledge, memory, or intellectual abilities can be effective during Mercury retrograde or when Mercury is in a strong position in the sky.
  3. Travel Magic: As a planet associated with travel, Mercury can be invoked for magic or rituals related to safe and successful travel, whether it’s for business or pleasure.
  4. Divination: Mercury’s association with communication and information exchange makes it a suitable planet for divination practices such as tarot, astrology, and scrying. You can perform divination rituals on days when Mercury is prominent in the sky, or during Mercury retrograde when the energy of the planet is particularly strong.

Remember that the most important aspect of any magical practice or ritual is to set clear intentions, work with the energy of the planet in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your personal beliefs and values, and to stay open to the messages and insights that come through.


Apr 11, 2023
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