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Tiger’s Eye Rune Stones & Crystal Pendulum Set


Discover new spiritual adventures with this crystal and healing stones set featuring 25 pcs rune stones, 1 crystal pendulum, and 1 viking symbol energy mat.


Take a new spiritual journey with the Mookaitedecor Tiger’s Eye Rune Stones Set & Crystal Pendulum with Energy Mat. This kit features 25 pcs rune stones, including 24 stones with the engraved runic alphabet by gold lettering and one blank stone. The healing stone kits also include 1 crystal pendulum that is 6-faceted and prism-shaped, gemstones wrapped with copper, and 1 Viking symbol energy mat.

The engraved Elder Futhark runic symbols stones have unique powers that are helpful for intuition and communication with the divine. Each stone contains healing energy balanced with runes stones to hint towards answers. The crystal runes also bring harmony to your life, exchanging positive energy.

The 6-faceted stone pendulum is perfect for dowsing and divination and can be used for psychical development, spiritual healing enhancement, inner energy balancing, and relaxation during divination and dowsing. This magical tool can be combined with crystal runes and an energy mat to help you start practicing yoga, meditation, and more.

The Viking symbol compass embroidered energy mat with stones is perfect for beginners. You can place the Wicca rune stone on the altar mat to do divination practice or meditation. The Viking magic symbols are designed to help people find a way out. Aiming the gemstone pendulum at the center of the mat will guide you in the right direction. This set comes with a gift box and a velvet bag.

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250ml, 400ml, 50ml


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