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Mediums are professionals who can communicate with spirits of loved ones who have passed away. They can provide comfort and closure to those who are grieving and help to connect you with your loved ones on the other side.

Portrait of old mature gypsy witch standing at table with psychic tools

Psychics are professionals who use their psychic abilities to provide guidance and insight. They may use a variety of techniques, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, or mediumship, to help you gain clarity and direction. Psychics can provide guidance on a range of topics, such as love and relationships, career and finances, and personal growth and development.

Like dream interpreters, vision interpreters are experts in interpreting the meaning behind the imagery and symbols in your visions.

Dream interpreters are professionals who specialize in interpreting the meaning behind the symbols and themes in your dreams. They can help you understand what your dreams may be telling you about your unconscious thoughts, feelings, and desires.